GEN 2.5 Range finder pocket


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Front Folding Lid With Magnetic Hold Open

Ambidextrous MOLLE Matrix For Stability and Security

Rear Webbing Mount Allows Mounting To Up To 2.5” Webbing

Quiet Close Magnet Helps Eliminate Slap 


Introducing our Gen 2 Range Finder Pocket – a tough-as-nails solution designed to give you peace of mind by protecting your range finder, while keeping it silently available at all times. The forward-opening magnetic lid provides quick one-handed, out of the way, operation. The lid “locks” open both forward and closed for streamlined function in the field or at the range. While this pocket does use magnets, we were cautious with the design and strength of the magnets to eliminate magnet slap, while still providing a very secure closure system. The interior liner is a plush spacer mesh for protection from bumps and scrapes. The webbing on the back of the pocket provides a secure mount to the chest straps of the binocular pack, as well as any 2.5" or smaller webbing (pant belts, quiver belts, pack belts, etc) while the included MOLLE snap strap allows you to "weld" the pocket to the pack for extra security and elimination of any potential wandering, keeping your range finder exactly in the same spot every time,  this pocket is your range finders new best friend.


Dimensions 5" Tall, 3.25" Wide, 1.5" Deep

Medium fits up to 4” tall x 3” wide, we will be expanding the product line into small and large sizing soon


 2.2 oz

Caution: Refrain from using magnets if you have a heart pacemaker or any other comparable medical device. While we haven’t experienced any interference with navigational equipment in testing, best practice is to hold your navigational device at an arms length away from any magnets while in use.